BASQUE GROUP constitutes a solid alliance of three companies, which combine their capabilities. More than two decades of experience developing complex projects. Three business trajectories, which have reached the maximum level of quality and competitiveness, without forgetting the commitment to society, come together in order to offer the best of each, through innovative inter-business cooperation, with a strong focus on the client and society.

Logotipo Altuna y Uría

Certificación ISO


Civil works and construction (tunnels, treatment plants, zoning for recreational uses, residential development and construction, quarries, rebar plants, concrete and asphalt plants).

Logotipo Cycasa

Certificación ISO

CYCASA Canteras y Construcciones

Civil works projects (earth moving, water and sanitation supply, road works, specialised foundations), railway works, buildings and quarries.

Logotipo SLK

Certificación ISO

SLK Sarkis Lagunketa

Real estate consultancy, development of car parks, development in coordination with the Administration of Government Subsidised And Fixed-Price Housing and supervised apartments, use of own property or for third-parties and integrated construction management.

Mercado Global

Mercado global

BASQUE GROUP is the result of three companies dedicated to civil works, construction and maintenance of infrastructure, which assume the challenges of globalisation as a key element for the development of innovative and competitive strategic projects all over the world.


BASQUE GROUP offers experience and capability, not only for construction but also for the management of projects, works and infrastructure, characterised by social and environmental responsibility, which is a fundamental aspect of our activities


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