Project studies for urban land, heritage studies and rehabilitation. Projects for Public Administrations and private entities

BASQUE GROUP has provided consultation, feasibility studies and project drafts for the urban planning and real estate sectors, carried out for different clients, both public and private. Studies range from exhaustive analysis of the entire breadth of the sector to more specific detailed aspects such as studies regarding the General Urban Zoning Plan within the initial concept of the framework of transformation in Bilbao, as well as different studies for other Spanish regions.


Museo BiBat

Rehabilitation and adaptation of the Bibat Museum in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Viviendas de protección oficial

Government Subsidised Housing

Fotos de la Ría de Bilbao

Economic-financial study for the General Urban Zoning Plan for Bilbao ‘Ría 2000’ (1992-2000)

Panorámica de Vitoria-Gasteiz

Different studies for Housing and Land, Heritage, Rehabilitation, etc. for the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz

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