Project Description

Museum of Archaeology (Vitoria-Gasteiz)

Provincial Council of Álava

Year awarded:

Execution term:
19 months

The building that houses this museum is modern and functional, its external appearance, dominated by steel and glass, is very attractive. Together with the Naipes Fournier Museum, with which it shares an access patio, they comprise a complex integrating both the architectural and Naipes Fournier museums into one cultural space.
The project covers 5700 square metres of useful space distributed throughout four floors and two basements. 40,000 square metres of bronze plate shaped louvers were used for the construction. Exhibition rooms have very dark floors and ceilings highlighting sloping glass prisms in white. Black Wenge wood is another material used on the interior of the building, particularly in the exhibition rooms in order to highlight the contrast of the dark with the light contained in the glass prisms.

6,840,462 €

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